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About Us


Smoke Boards began on a fall night in Naples, FL with two Bourbon drinking buddies sitting by the fire.

While sharing a cocktail, Erik and Mike reminisced about the smoked cocktail they recently tried at a bar. Inspired, they began their search for a smoked cocktail kit they could use at home. Disappointed with the lack of options and quality of other products on the market, they decided to create their own smoked cocktail kit. And thus Smoke Boards was born!

After coming up with the brilliant method to use a sealed jar for full smoke infusion, Erik and Mike sourced the highest quality of wood for the board and chips and the best torch they could find. They created the most versatile smoked cocktail kit available and packed it into a portable carrying case to take the show on the road.

Thank you for listening to our story and for appreciating the time and care we invest in this brand each and every day. Smoke Boards values our customers and we are excited to take you on this journey with us! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions, concerns, requests, or just to say hi.

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